What to expect on your first visit

We recognize that you have many choices for your retina care, and we would be honored to be chosen to work with you to preserve your vision. A thorough exam is time consuming (1-2 hours for a new patients), so we strive to make your visit as quick and efficient as possible.  In order to examine your retina properly, you will need to be dilated (20 min) after an initial work up with a technician (30 min). We often do preliminary testing (10 min) before you see the doctor.  After the doctor talks to you and examines your eyes, he may send you for some additional photographs.  The doctor will then explain your condition to you, along with your treatment options, and come up with a treatment plan with you.  Often that treatment plan is initiated at the first visit. Although your first visit may be long, your subsequent visits will be shorter. 

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